I am the Love !! 😇💕💕

My definition of love is quit simple..I think love is happiness where we feel at the top in our emotions..You can fall in love so many times in your life so I feel that “Love can only happen once is a understatement ” because love is infinte . We often take love as something between two people..this again comes from our parents or our belief system may be but that’s unfair.. Love is beyond people and things. Some people think they are not loved just because they don’t have someone to love or who love them..

It’s strange how we put that whole responsibility of making ourselves happy on some other person..we seek attention and care from someone else..we seek love from others and if you are also like this my friend..then you seriously lack love inside you ! When was the last time you did something to make yourself happy ?? When was the last time you cared about your health and well being ?? When was the last time you were happy inside you?? Ask these questions to yourself and you will get all the answers to why you feel that you aren’t loved !

It’s sad that we put the responsibility of our happiness on others and then get disapointments..Nobody can love you the way you can do..No one can take care of you the way you can do..Until you won’t take responsibility of yourself who will face disappointments in your life. So please..take charge of your life..be your own pillar first..before including someone else in your life. When you are not complete in yourself..how can you complete someone else? Make happiness your ultimate goal in life rather than some person or thing ! Learn to love yourself..when your happiness is not dependent on things and people is when You are READY…Ready for that happiness and love to be shared around with others.Just be in the state of love for everything and you will never feel lack of love in your whole life..Say this to yourself – ” I am the love I have always been looking for..forever and ever..” 😇💕💕

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I failed so many times ! ⭐⭐

So many times..we fear of some or other change in our lives. Nobody wants to accept change..nobody wants to change or be that change , Why ? When I was struggling with my fears of change..I was so insecure about the future..I was attached to this whole idea of security which we all seek in our lives. And most of those times I had this fear of failure..what if I fail ? what if this doesn’t work out the way I want ? what if it’s not in my favour ? what if I regret the outcome ? All these “What ifs” made me get attached to this idea if being comfortable whatever I had..Until I faced the unexpected !

I failed…Yes , I failed in my relationships…my career.When I was going through these failures I never knew what life was doing to me..Even after doing so much of work why I had to face these failures in my life ?? I always asked this question to my god. So I took a moment for myself and tried to understand what life was trying to teach me..

When I analyzed these situations deeply..I came to realization that whatever I was settling down for because of my fears was not even close to what I deserved in my life. Be it a job or a love partner..my fear of failure never let me go for what was good for me rather what was good for society ! God wants you to try atleast..when I faced my fears is when I realized that these are just our negative thoughts which stops us from reaching our full potential in life.It is time to let go of your fears..Be brave enough to choose what you love..be strong enough to go after your dreams..Failures are god’s way to turn you on to the right direction..People who failed once are the most successful ones today ! Be the change..accept it and move fiercely towards your goals..life is too short to get stuck in your own thoughts as Fear is just an illusion ! ⭐⭐

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Doubt is a killer ! 💕💕👠

I always see people crticizing woman for her body shape..clothes..weight , skin tone and what not. Be it school or university..you will have someone suggesting you to loose weight..gain weight..or to use some product etc etc even when you don’t ask them for a suggestion. You are too fat to wear this dress..Why don’t you add some extra kgs and it goes on…So many times people try to set the parameters for women and even for men about the way they should look !

Ofcouse..Sexuality is also one of aspect of our individuality.I always fail to understand this whole drama around celebrating yourself..your sexuality ! I know it takes a mature brain to understand this but feeling good about your body is one the way to reduce stress and boost your confidence levels ! Feeling comfortable in your skin is the best thing you can do to get rid of those insecurities. I can relate to this feeling as I have myself faced alot of criticism for my body shape..but ever since I accepted myself the way I am..I started to feel a difference around me. Not only I got those lovely compliments but now I am even more confident !

People were same..everything was same but what changed was deep inside me..that self doubt..the way I used to look around and felt about myself. The moment I started loving myself the way I am..I got all the acceptance even from the outside world. Sometimes..those judgements are nothing but our own doubts and fears..it is all a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. The moment you will celebrate yourself..your body..you will soon realize how big difference it makes in how people see you.It is time to take care of your body..nurture it..enjoy it. You don’t have to hide somewhere..You deserve all that love and acceptance..and it will only come once you feel it ! So let’s take this moment to cherish who we are..Be in love with yourself..Wear what you feel like..Celebrate yourself..Because DOUBT is a KILLER !😇💕💕

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I am at peace when I accept myself ! 😇💕

Acceptance is never easy…It is never for us as humans. We all have this tendency or may be ego..to not to accept..can be anything your past , present or future.Nobody wants to accept their own true self…their mistakes..their fears..their weaknesses and even their strengths that’s why we keep stressing about them.With time I have realized that there is nothing wrong in accepting your own flaws and powers because when you make peace with yourself and the situations…you will eventually find peace all around !

This is as simple as accepting where you are..even when you are not having clarity about future..as simple as to accept your reality for what it is..as simple as to forgive yourself and others for that past which keeps haunting you time to time…Really it is as simple as to accept everything the way it is. Self acceptance is the biggest thing you can do to overcome that feeling of being defeated..of being a victim of a situation.

You are evolving and so everything around you. For how long you will keep carrying this past baggage with you…this emotional baggage is stopping you from reaching that ultimate light in your life.Enough of that past..those people and even your own old self ! It is time to forgive yourself and others..to welcome the new born vision in your life.You are not the same anymore but a much more..you can love..forgive and laugh easily because you are about to take charge of your life now. You don’t deserve anything from past but those shiny things of future.Let’s accept everything we have been through and move towards all those blessings waiting for us ! It is never too late to start over and you are never too old to love or laugh again..So let’s welcome this change today in us towards a brighter future..a better life that we deserve ! 😇💕💕

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My Family is my Strength ! 😇

Some of us always blame our parents…My dad doesn’t get me..My mom is conservative…No I am not gonna tell this to my parents they won’t understand..Why only I have to compromise on my plans and wishes everytime with my parents and what not ! But do you realize that this not your parents but you who is responsible for every single restrictions you face..Yes , you decide..you choose..it is all you who is the decision maker even when you don’t accept that.Now you will say that how can you be the decision maker when your parents are deciding it all for you ?

This is simple..you choose to stick to the idea of ideal son or daughter..you took this call to be the person they want you to be ! So why do we blame our parents when we ourselves are making them so used of this idea of being perfect or an ideal ??!!! We become what they want or think is perfect and when we get suffocated we blame our parents or situations. This blame game starts from you parents and literally takes over every relationship of yours! I can’t work my husband won’t like it..I can’t eat that my in-laws won’t like it..So eventually you are just making a choice for yourself..to live the way what is expected from you..ignoring what you really want to be !

It is time to be yourself..to show your real authentic side to everyone around you so that they can accept you for who you are ! It is not easy and definitely not an overnight process but slowly you will feel this change around you. There is nothing which can match this feeling of being accepted the way you are..where you can be anything but you.Start spending good times with your family.. loved ones..share your likes and dislikes..After all they too want you to be happy. Please stop blame game..Get out of your fear and doubts..Be honest with yourself and others..Let’s be more of a friend with our parents so that we never have to fight against them and create some healthy home environment ! 😇 💕

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See me for who I AM ! 🤞

I used to feel ashamed of my past..there was a time where people saw me through my past and not for who I AM ! This is what we do all the time…judge people through their past , Don’t even try to know what they are truly as person.So this same happened me.. Nobody wanted to be my friend may be because I worked in a BPO..because I was with a bad guy of college..because I wasn’t from high end educational history and the reasons may go on ! Everyone I met judged me for what went wrong in my life rather than knowing what is right about me. Why we always see the negative about a person first?? Why we don’t see the people for who they are?? Why we rely on someone’s past to know them as person???

Is it really a person’s mistake for whatever worst situations he or she been through ?? No, right! Then why we put that stamp of past on a person.Do you even realize that by these judgements you are again pushing someone into the same past..you are just adding on to whatever they have gone through all this while. Please try to understand depression and anxiety can be life taking…you never know what that person has been through..So please be gentle..be kind..be mature enough to accept people for who they are not for what have experienced.Remember your one simple acceptance can make someone LIVE AGAIN….LAUGH AGAIN….LOVE AGAIN !🙏💕💕

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No one is born as “Cheater” ! 🤞

Cheating..lies..betrayals are the worst things in any relationship.We always judge or blame someone to be that cause.Ofcourse , Cheating is worst but do you even understand the factors which leads to this behaviour in a person ? We all need to understand that everything in this world has some background to it which turns something as a behavorial pattern.Let’s take this example of Cheating as a pattern which usually comes from a fear ! Yes..These people are just attached to a fear of being cheated that they end up being the one !! This may sound shocking but it is always our fear which leads us to become something worst.

So what happens here is..if a person has trust issues..control issues in his or her personality..they end up doubting anything and everything in their life so much to the extent that they develops a fear of getting hurt emotionally ! Due to this fear he or she becomes emotionally blocked and starts hurting people before they even face the same.It is shocking that the person who fears cheating and manipulations sometimes end up being the same in his or her life !

Please understand that fear is just in illusion in our lives..it only creates blockages in our happiness.Try to overcome your fears before you get involve with someone as you will reflect the same into your relationships as well.Work on those fears…face them and fight them off !! You don’t have to be a boss in a relationship but a partner and that’s not possible without trusting your partner. It is time to forgive yourself.Please don’t let your past hurts come in the way of your present and future. Rather learn and grow from it..So you can build some solid foundations for your loved ones !😇💕💕

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